Hello everyone!

I'm really excited to welcome you to my new website. Here you will be able to access all my latest news, updated schedule and find out what I'm up to on Tour!

The first piece of news to tell you is I'm back on tour next week at Valderrama after 9 weeks out with injury. I'm so pleased to be playing again after quite a frustrating start to the season. Lots of practicing this week! I'll keep you posted with how I get on and how long it takes to dust away those cobwebs!

Also, I am very happy to report a new partnership with Nordik electronic cigarettes.  I used my time off to good effect and have given up smoking! 4 weeks and counting without a cigarette thanks to my friends at Nordik! I can't believe how easy it has been and how good I am already feeling. The time has flown! I hope some of you can join me on this journey...

Here's to a happy and healthy 2016.